Budgeting And Financial Reporting Spreadsheets, Checklists, and Worksheets For Non Financial Healthcare Professionals

 General Description:

A healthcare manager today is likely to have financial management responsibilities which may very well include the planning, preparation, and control of their department budget along with the need to read, quantify, and analyze variances in their financial management reports. To fulfill this role, a manager must understand the terms, principles, concepts, and practices of budgeting and financial reporting and have the proper application tools. To this end, FTI has developed a series of Excel spreadsheets, budgeting checklists, and budget worksheets, which provide managers with easy to follow steps in building budgets, monitoring costs and productivity, and analyzing budget variances.  

Spreadsheets Available:

  • Department Operating Report
  • Payroll Analysis Report
  • Salary Variance Analyzer
  • Staffing Plan Tracking Report
  • Nursing Salary Budget Worksheet
  • Non Labor Budget Worksheet
  • Capital Budget Worksheet
  • Salary and FTE Skill Mix Report
  • Daily Productivity Report

Budgeting And Reporting Checklists Available:

  • Budget Checklists - Salaries, Expenses, and Capital
  • Budget Review Checklist
  • Financial Report Analysis Checklist
  • Financial Management Principles Checklist
  • Budget Planning Checklist

Budget Worksheets Available:

  • Department Goals and Objectives Worksheet
  • Budget Planning Worksheet
  • Budget Assumption Worksheet
  • Capital Budget Worksheet
  • Position Justification Worksheet
  • Department Expense Mapping Worksheet

 How To Obtain These Spreadsheets, Checklists, and Worksheets

* These items are sold individually as follows: Spreadsheets are $4.00 each; Checklists are $3.00 each; Worksheets are $2.00 each. A complete package of all spreadsheets, checklists, and worksheets sell for $50.00. Prices include all shipping and handling costs.

Spreadsheet Tool Kit

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