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Public Seminars


Current Seminar Offerings for 2015

How To Build And Manage Nursing Budgets- View Details
  • Louisville - October 14
  • Indianapolis - October 15
  • Columbus - October 16
  • St. Louis - October 19
  • Chicago - October 20
  • Milwaukee - October 21

How To Manage Nursing Budgets And Staffing Plans -View Details

  • Hartford - October 27
  • Philidelphia - October 29
  • Long Island - October 30
  • Charlotte - November 04
  • Atlanta - November 05
  • Orlando - November 10
Financial Management Basics For Nursing Professionals - View Details
  • Denver - November 17
  • San Francisco - November 18
  • Anaheim - November 19
  • Houston - December 02
  • Dallas - December 03
  • San Antonio - December 04

One of the above public seminars is for you if you are responsible for…

  • Planning and managing nursing budgets or staffing plans
  • Preparing proposals and justifications using financial and statistical data
  • Analyzing and explaining variances to budgets or staffing plans
  • Reading and analyzing financial and statistical reports
  • Utilizing responsibility reports for managing budgets and staffing plans
  • Tracking screening indicators for measuring staffing effectiveness
  • Managing FTE’s and labor hours for PTO, overtime, or contract labor

By attending one of the above seminars you will learn “How To”…

  • Speak the finance language by mastering key financial terms, principles, concepts, and practices
  • Build and manage nursing budgets and staffing plans
  • Read and analyze nursing budget management reports
  • Utilize a worksheet to quantify, analyze, and explain budget variances
  • Classify, calculate, and apply the various components and types of FTE
  • Calculate and apply an acuity to budget building and variance report analysis
  • Utilize customized reports for tracking resources with patient outcomes
  • Budget for PTO and other staff coverage related hours
  • Calculate and apply unit indicators for tracking dollars, hours, expenses, and FTE
  • Budget for direct care hours versus paid hours

What you will receive by attending one of the above seminars…

  • Checklists for budget planning, budget review, and budget control
  • Budget worksheets for salaries, FTE, expenses, capital, and assumptions
  • Glossary of financial and statistical terms and formulas
  • List of questions to ask fiscal staff when reading and analyzing reports
  • Worksheet for justifying additional staffing, expenses, and capital
  • Reports to manage salaries, FTE, overtime, PTO, contract labor, expenses, and capital
  • 12 Excel spreadsheets for budget building and report analysis

Daily training format:

  • Seminar starts at 8:30 and ends at 4:00
  • Lunch is included in the seminar fee
  • Two 15 minute breaks – one each in the morning and afternoon
  • Class size is limited to 30 attendees for better instructor to student ratio
  • There is no selling of tapes, CD’s, books, or other materials as this is a session for learning.
  • An evaluation form must be submitted to receive a certificate of completion and CEU’s
  • A comprehensive training and reference manual is provided


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