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FAQ - Public Seminars

FAQ - Onsite Training

Frequently Asked Questions – About Public Seminars

What are the seminar times?

  • The seminar starts at 8:30 and ends at 4:00

What is the seminar fee?

  • The seminar fee is $295.00 but a 5% discount is available if payment is received 30 days prior to the seminar date.

Are there discounts for multiple attendees?

  • Yes. The more people that register from the same organization reduces the fee significantly. A schedule of discounted fees is listed on the back of the seminar brochure.

How can I make payment?

  • We accept payment by check, money order, and all major credit cards.

Must payment be made prior to attending the seminar?

  • No. You can attend the seminar provided you have a confirmed registration and word that payment would be forthcoming. We recognize that it might take time for an organization to process a check from the time you may have submitted your requisition.

What does the seminar fee include?

  • Workbook materials
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the training day
  • Certificate of completion
  • 12 Excel spreadsheets on budget forms and reports
  • Continuing education credits
  • Validated parking at most seminar properties
  • Summary of instructor notes
  • Budget and report checklists, forms, and worksheets

What should I bring to the seminar?

  • It would be helpful to bring a calculator and copies of your budget forms and reports so that you can better relate the terms, principles, concepts, and practices taught with your specific budgets and reports.

What is the dress attire?

  • Casual business is the dress for the day.

Will there be other materials to purchase at the seminar?

  • No. Unlike some other seminar companies that may deep discount the seminar fee, provide you with a shallow training workbook with a lot of empty spaces, and then tell you to buy their books, tapes, CD’s, and other back of the room products, we do not subscribe to such practices. This seminar that you attend is a real learning experience and not a sales show or comedy act; it is effective training that nursing professionals have a serious need for learning. Selling of back of room products take away from valuable training time and besides, the workbook you receive at the seminar is a comprehensive training manual that contains outstanding resource material that is used for the day of the seminar and for future reference.

What happens if I should cancel after I had already registered?

  • There is absolutely no penalty fee if you cancel by fax, phone, or email at least 48 business hours prior to the start time of the seminar. If you cancel within 48 business hours and you have paid your registration fee, you will be reimbursed your fee less a $50 administration fee and then only if the hotel charges us for the pre ordered food and beverage, which usually had to be guaranteed to the hotel 48 hours prior to the seminar. However, if you cancel within 48 business hours and the hotel charges us for the guaranteed food and beverage, you can have your full fee credited toward a future seminar. If you have not paid your registration fee and fail to notify us prior to the 48 hours cutoff, you may be billed the $50 administrative fee again assuming if the hotel bills us for the guaranteed food and beverage.

What is the federal tax I D number for processing payment?

  • The federal identification number is 11-3093620.

To whom should payment be made?

  • Payment should be made to Financial Training Institute, Inc.

Do you accept same day registration?

  • Yes. We recognize especially with nurses that it is sometimes difficult to get coverage for time off and many times it may be the last day when one knows if they can get away for a seminar. Therefore, we do allow walk-in registration and payment is not necessary that day as well. We do ask that if you were to decide last minute to attend that you either call our toll free number at 800-536-3271 or email us at to notify us that you will be attending as a walk-in.

Can we contact the trainer even after the seminar regarding any information covered at the seminar?

  • Yes. However, since the trainer is on the road much of the time, it is recommended that any questions be emailed to stating your questions and a convenient time and number for the trainer to get back to you.

If we like certain pages in the workbook, are we allowed to copy them or obtain extra copies?

  • Since all the training materials are copyrighted, this means they cannot be copied or duplicated for training use without prior written permission of the Financial Training Institute, Inc. However, if the material is to be used only for application in terms of the attendee’s learning objectives at the seminar and not for future training purposes, then copies are permitted. It is always best to email us with such requests and we will email back our permission and even email you the particular forms, worksheets, or checklists that you might be interested in. This has become an increasing problem in recent years in terms of copy infringement particularly with some fiscal people who either attend or send people to attend only for them to use the material to do the training at their own shop on their own. Such practices are not only illegal but unethical. We will continue to provide copies to honest attendees, but such practice might be stopped in the future if the problem of copyright infringement should continue.

Do we get a confirmation reply once we register?

  • Yes. Once we receive your registration we will email you a confirmation along with details of the seminar location and what to bring.

Do you block a set of sleeping rooms at the hotel for out of town attendees?

No. Since most hotel properties usually require a minimum of ten sleeping rooms in order to block off for a group function, and especially since most attendees are from local area facilities, there is hardly ever a need to set aside so many rooms. Therefore, if you are coming from out of town and need to make overnight accommodation, we recommend that you make it directly with the property and as soon as possible so that the hotel does not sell out its rooms too quick



Frequently Asked Questions About On-Site Training

How many people are needed in to cost justify an on-site workshop versus sending them to a public seminar?

  • Since the total cost of an on-site workshop includes both the workshop fee and the related travel expenses, and depending on where the travel is, the break-even point is between 11 and 15 people.

Are there a maximum number of people who can attend?

  • No. However, depending of the type of workshop selected, a suggested training group should be no more than 30 in order to allow for a better instructor to student ratio.

What are the fees?

  • Fees depend on the size of the group and the range can be anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 per day.

What do the travel costs include?

  • Travel costs include airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and a $50 per diem. Since there is a cap we establish for travel costs, you will only pay the lower of the actual travel costs or maximum of $600 for a one-day workshop or $800 for a two-day workshop. You will be consulted in advance as to the estimated costs of such travel, and if your organization can make better arrangements or cost savings, we will gladly accept those terms.

How does the skill needs assessment work?

  • We want to make sure that the right topic and learning needs are identified up front. Therefore, at no cost to you, we will send you a skill needs assessment survey whereby you can have your targeted audience complete the survey, submit it to a contact person who in turn can forward them to us. Once received, we will compile the findings and report back to you on what the prospective trainees identified as their learning needs. You always retain the final approval as to what specific learning needs you want included as part of the training. From that point, we can design the training curriculum and forward to you for your review. Once accepted, we would put together the training manual to be used for the training.

Is there a contract to sign?

  • Once we have verbally agreed to conduct a training workshop, it only becomes binding when we both sign a one-page simple letter agreement or confirm back by email.

Is there a cancellation fee?

  • After spending over 35 years in the healthcare field, we know that emergencies do occur and that might result in possibly canceling a training workshop due to such cause. If there is a need to cancel, there is no cancellation fee.

Is there a deposit required upon contract?

  • Unlike many seminar vendors, we do not require a deposit. Your good faith word and signing of the letter agreement is all that is needed.

When is payment due?

  • Usually with a week after completing the training program, we will invoice you for the seminar fee and related travel costs. Payment is expected with 10 days from date of invoice.

Who would I be dealing with?

  • You will deal with only one person from start to finish, Frank Capone, who will take you step by step from workshop design, to planning, to presentation, and follow-up. Unlike some other seminar vendors who make you deal with a variety of people and may provide you with a speaker who is available at that particular time and perhaps one without specific healthcare experience, we do not operate that way. It is a significant cost to the facility to have its managers sit an entire day and not get the very best training product out there.

How available is your trainer?

  • Since Frank Capone writes and delivers his own material and does not contract out to other speakers, his availability for on-site training is limited to those dates that he is not scheduled for public seminars (see public seminar schedule). Frank usually conducts 60 public seminars and 40 on site training sessions each year. Public seminars are one-day sessions whereas on-site training can be one-day or two-day sessions depending on the client needs.


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